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The Global Advisory Council is established with the groups of Consulting Professions: including the Selected Most Distinguish Leaders of World Governments, Businesses and Public Organizations. All Professionals come from diverse backgrounds of various industry run by Global Regions, with full of life-time achievements, experiences and different-ethnic of All Nations. 

Generally, and usually, every works The G.A.C do are to ultimate all the good and eliminate all the bad, for all sectors from the starting-point to well-touch of finishing at Governing & Public Affairs related industries. And, Equally balancing between good and bad in addition to eliminating the ugliest at Economic related Public & Business Affairs related industries to become corruption-free-businesses.

Simply, we make, and create the world to be the better place with disease-free environment, to reduce waste & neglect, and to build the streets, housing, schools, hospitals, libraries, towns and countries, full-lines of economic at all-inclusive from landscaping to job creations.

Most of our projects are based on new innovations and scientific functions, of surprise-ways from impossible making turned (by just an ordinary) to become the maximum possible ways of peaceful results (magnificently more than extraordinary) - the symbol of Whole New Categories, and Cost Effective!

There are two elements independently entitled at every location:

(1) The Consulting Business:                                                                       Simple-Great Diversity or as Special Handling Projects 

(2) Non-profit Public Organization that requires contribution or to volunteer or knowledge sharing or business exchanges or on reign.

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Since A Majesty & G.A.C. Council as our profession is publicly registered at this site for fastest electronic digital communication for the virtual community since 2005 as The Global Advisory Council to World Governments, Businesses of World Economics, and Global Public Affairs: Apparently we are dealing in working on to save Many lives of people at Every Sector. Therefore: any fool-around-character or making jokes just for fun behavior or any foolishness personality that will seriously injury any life or future of any human or try to waste our time or any intrusion if try to damage intentionally to our own way of doing business will no longer be tolerated!        

 HONOR at least to yourselves! BE HONEST to be known!
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A Majesty
Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C.
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Every word that clickable on this site has a link to additional page or to another website that will be useful for everyone needs. If you found the word you're interest in, do not hesitate to click forward! You'll get there. 

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Guide to be Feasible, as well as most Foreseeable ; Pursue to Perfection

Experiences :

Consulting-51 years
Projection- 45 years
In Business- 45 years

Nature:[ what to expect ]:

Literature and Official: reliable but straight forward, kind-hearted but physically and mentally tough, readily adaptable but seriously concern, able to fulfill wishes and whim of every good human. (that means we don't do any business with anyone who has a habit of inhumanity or unhuman or animal-likely-behavior).

Everything best on the tables (of everyone), is of course produced only from our own hands as we don't do psycho-therapy-only type of a consulting business. If any bad outcome as a result is on your table, it clearly is not mine; simply it's  yours. so, consult for certain results of best, better, good or keep bad, worse, or worst by yourself. 

Email: council@amajesty.com

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