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Assessment (in Fact): Preventable Failure Accumulation in a Life-Development of a person or a Nation.

Advising (in Focus): Conquer the Victory with Back-up in Action! even before becoming to be needed.


Preventable Failure Accumulation in a Life-Development!

This assessment will describe what and how is constantly causing the massive-failure to a Nation.

As in specifying:
What is the failure?
How did that spread?
How bad will it result?
Do we want to stop it?
If so, how will we do?

Simply, we will answer these questions.              

Its will conclude the possible actions which shall be taken by every each person living on each particular land, to conquer the life-victory. What must be avoided will also be included as the clear-instruction.

Someone or organization who will be able to understand the facts of these answer, being able to handle easily to every each part of community, or the entire nation. Someone can be anyone who can contribute the time and expense to the people: a child or an individually grown-up adult, or an elder, will be able to solve any problem of any nation or of any organization even to where or which  mistakenly or purposely benched with messed-up rooted foundation with maximum failure.

Once it follows detail as serious work to our answers as directed and the instruction not to be repeated, no such thing will be complicated anymore ahead, and all it seems unable to get out from the deep-hell will definitely be gone away. The final result  of any project or workload to be expected is only after the whole conception completed. How it will be working clearly in invisible is heading to the point of original direction, just as a possible solution can be turned to a proper cure.

Another meaning: everything we do on this earth and the universe is always involved by team works. We cannot guarantee that everyone of each team will understand every concept of the goal going through at any mission even the mission is the team demanded. Just by following the instruction mostly is not being able to explain the result of final conclusion. Some may know it is working, and seeming able that it will be still working little by little but some will not be able to even guess how is going until it's successfully done completely. It always and usually goes such a way because of unmatched intelligent levels between one and another or too many extremists who wish to destruct everything they see without understanding at total outrageous even to themselves.  

If there is anyone who is in extreme-negative behavior with too much over-pride on any such particular duty, power, race, land or the personal facility, public asset, living-style or any skin color or any genetic trying to mess-up with racial discrimination with no greater purpose of reasoning, or such of those usually want to block up or block off others from involvement of the greater intentions of each own goal, mission and capacity, just to be famous on the pride that he/she is currently holding power or money; it will destroy the entire mission which is benefiting supposed to be to the whole public nationally, or globally effective.

More importantly, to consider the effort of others in working together shall as well as to be sharing together for every possible victory historically with every key leader together, also not to leave out  the life of everyone on every land together on this earth.

Only prevention of it, is to share the vision at absolute respect to our leading in government and public service as consulting.
Newly Innovative Creation in Self-Governing: Coming Soon.

At Any Nation: trouble makers at works are only about very few who unnecessarily are in too much pride of a land that clearly which is not truly shall be proud of at some points as any part of our earth are not owned by any one person alone even within a boundary of any nation. If anyone tries to threat else other nationals or citizens of such nation like he/she is  earthly-god or master of any nation just because he/she is temporarily occupying a politic office which actually is a given job by a absolute right thrives of entire public, such behaviors are apparently troubling each own right of it's citizens to face ridiculous life-construction in real world condition, worsen or declining at everything which is swing as the extreme-struggles that are actually not needed, for most of all.

Such too much pride develops "NO" to every possible solution. It can even stop new innovations or creations.

Keep doing the same things over and over again and demanding the different result is insanity! or intentionally pretending to be seen as insanity which everyone has to be carefully cautious.

It also delivers the negative-vision as bad as misguidance to others which move the life downwards with no proper-acceptable situations. It makes every individual whoever closed to them can unfortunately become gradually fail in continuous loss of strength, numbers, or value.

And it later can spread also to fail it's society or community or within the nation living or working with, and their family members, then team at work, then residence and workforces, each self to be failure knowingly or without knowingly.

If we all keep just to alive without paying any proper attention to such accumulative problems of it, all kinds of troubles will be kept widely in hidden which will lead deeper complications at all matters of the entire society in speed of cultural damaging. Especially to girls who shall be in at greater care as the most sensitive and priceless: of most lovely creatures of human-being and the heart of every family. The World must focus, see, hold-up and know to protect it!

---------------The Key as The Result of Consulting-----------

The key is in the answers which this firm is developing as an assessment.

In order to produce this, we need to analyze all about the lock that fit in with the key you will be buying out as a product or service.

Next step is to look up the index, and choose title of your finding in list of category, then go step by step.

Only one thing you have to know or remember is you have
to pay for what is truly worth it!

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Conquer the Victory with Back-up in Action!

Back-up needs not only for hard drive of computer.
Things or human, everyone and everything needs back-up.

That is the only most effective, and very first thing to do as the prevention before any crisis, at anywhere, on the earth or in the universe. In the United States, Great Britain & Few other Nations, the back-up is insurance. Unfortunately,  many insurances such as  auto Insurance, home Insurance, life insurance and any accident insurances are only cover after happened., and most of  those insurance providers do not insure after actual needs of  anything happens. It  is clearly proving that we are not secured in preventions. Because we cannot benefit for what we pay for while we alive. It could even give  misguiding  as persecution  to who are unavoidably have to be insured that include  in becoming to live at wrong self-negligence: not giving enough attention to prevent ourselves from risks of being sick or accidental or incidental happenings. 

Back-up usually stands to defense when counter-balance needed. If there is on the world that no tyrant at any field, there would be no tyranny!

What does tyranny mean?

Tyranny can be made by tyrant who can be anyone or lead to any group that not only an opposite of any elected government.  Such tyrant can even be a person leading to political party or a group as political party that violently strike the people living around them just to get elected their leader or their politic party. If and when those get elected, tyranny situation as their activity can be worsen to the people such as in forcing not to be able to live peacefully at anywhere of any part of our earth, even an inch of peaceful land will not be able to find for people to live peacefully for any longer.   

What does a tyrant do?

A tyrant exercise power or control in a cruel domineering way which usually seize  political power or elected power with expense of the people as heavy-taxation to public financially abusive without public consent or proper knowledge out of legal rights or incorrectly playing by rule politically and directly related selfishness which leads to possible inconsideration to everyone living on each land.  Such tyrant or it's group even unlawfully pick the innocent individuals as illegal way of recruitment, narrowed only into the way how they wanted their victim to go through in wasting a life of human.

Most tyrants do not even know themselves acting to happen tyranny and destroying the peaceful opportunity of this earth, at any part, of everywhere.In order to challenge to a tyrant or to stop tyranny, who is being or are creating tyranny must know what really they are doing, of which kind of intentions kept in the goal of purposing. The alternatives shall be thought at all time, and must be acting to grab opportunity turned to be in peaceful conditions anytime they get chances.

For those who do not know as being a tyrant, and keep doing how they are doing must be stopped by more powerful thing or person related to back-up activity, which does not matter visible or invisible, is the most effective strategy. Which or who is, actually, rank in moral character is greatly higher, not too easily stand for being at the center at public appearance or as a visible-top-authority if not necessary, but must hold the power influences to balance the equivalent to be at both sides, for the greater results to be given; for the sake of good people and each own particular land as places within.  

Even its or guidance of the person could mean the peaceful-urges or challenges at least-risky conditions, the forthright backup must given-forward by another thing or from other person. Something or someone backed up by thing or a person, can only backup forward to another, must not look backward to who or which backing up as it's return cannot be for sake as in common.

Some leaders in governments or in oppositions are involving in activity of running the nation and the world as oppressive rulers who are creating danger to our world, and most innocently: even to themselves including their families without knowing (unwillingly to be knowing at some cases) what they really are doing.

The Back-up: which will point it all out as analysis, fact by fact will be organized with detail explanation; of different point of views, such as to see work performance itself just like exactly looking up facing to a mirror, the whole pictures will be seem from all possible corners which will show the right direction in satisfactory, and will develop the result based on perfect conclusions such as determination or a decision or a successful settlement.

Confidently, that is the only solution to stop above danger involvements, conflicts or activities, with zero risk.

What kind of back-up shall we all be using?

There are various categories of back-ups which are in very hopeful, and helpful possible to be existing at everything or for everyone. Which can be purchased in particular categories as the back-up in different forms based on recommendation, assessments and most effectiveness index of advisories in overseeing activity which will result as easily usable concept, and does work-able immediately.

Such results come from works, will prove simply efficient, noticeable effectiveness of most important tasks in daily activities, of individual, group of all kinds, businesses includes aerospace, new century weaponry, defense shield related innovative projects and scientific functions.

This is a brief description, from one of my work-samples: the official assessments to prevent the world tyranny which is not only about the war, but connection between everything, as are exhibited by the category in needs of World Organization at every sector include above mentioned Defense Sector of Every Nations that always need each own ability for the security of each own land, at least within every boundary.

Which can also come from real world practice and practical work or life experiences, be used as within operation of governing function, or in Curricula or literature of highly-skill developments, that may possibly be applied, from child hood development to social behavior scientific training, which will be able to benefit life-long security of every human being, in cases: if life becomes struggles in need.

Basic facts such as this, will help any kind of teaching also in public or private schools,
colleges or universities, or in any kind of institutions, from such First Aid Training to Military Practices of Air, Land; Sea Protections, include international seas and surfaces.

[Download able PDF or Word or Video of official full versions will be available soon].

Request The Digital Presentations, Virtual Exhibit or Online Demonstrations in schedules

Quotation at Average:

The value of above answers will be the total amount in equal of time usage: approx of
Hundreds of Millions in USD just for brief.

Detail facts will cost
about Thousands of Billions in USD.

If it
needed to completely eliminate and create new society will be based on current up to date information of nation's overall population and probably will approach to Hundreds of Thousands of Trillions in USD.


If anyone wants to work as a counsel or a professional team/group of any industry at any field of Majesty, Army, Public, Business or Governing sectors, there will be a suitable fee shall formally and impressively be afforded as a systematic-start-up to life up each own career to the next level of your professional field.

How we work at our teams working effectively at any field or of any location,

Perceive here!

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