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    What Matter The Most: For all my people and For my world.

Goldenly : One & The Only Principle HM
The World Majesty of United Majesty HQ,
den Kingdoms and HM World Society.

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On behalf of the Golden Palace of Founding Mother
Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE & The Majesty Kingdom, 
the Crown Media of Golden Royal Crown of Majesty 
Kingdoms Origin, that is also solely founded by Her 
Majesty HM. DR. AYE, Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C., 
make all media possible. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

NOTE: All Majesty Solemn Assets, Founding & Leading
of Her Majesty are owned together with Her 1st Ever 
Loving Spouse HM The King of World Peace
, and to be 
inherited by Their Own Children & Their Own Grandchildren. 

Basic Structure of Majesty Kingdom Origin
can be view at this link **********

Any individual, Families, Community, Village, City,
Borough, County, State, Nation, Country, Kingdom 
likes to upgrade your life style or living style at each
best, upgrade yourself at self-governing structure: 
Register at Accolade Office of Nearest Local Palace.

Any State or Piece of Landmass or Any Island or Any
Conflict Area needs Peaceful Solution, or to become
Independent one or a Sovereign, inquiry at the CWIS.

 Any Sovereign wish to install a new kingdom, or upgrade
national structure or to write new constitution or to revise
any part of an element of any already written constitution, 
shall consult through 
Diamond Palace Worldwide at Anytime.

Any individual or any organization (including any government or
undecided voters of any public) if don't know how to do or how
 to solve any problem yourselves, find Answer on time. Do not
waste your time & energy with any fake leaders who name
themselves cheaply as by any title of "Honorable". Realize
Your Prestige/Dignity to be properly worth at Our Palaces.

 Majesty Crown 1st Century B.C. of 
Human Origin & 1st Kingdom of entire Earth. MAJESTY CROWN Copyright. 
Not just a crown of else any kingdom.

This Website is established to oversee and to Manage Golden Royal Kingdoms of Majesty Kingdoms Origin at each own cultural concept installed by Myanmar Kingdoms Origin & HM World Society.

Contents, Written Columns; Images
are copyrighted by HM Law Firms Worldwide. All Rights Reserved.   

Behalf Toward 

2. Germany Kingdoms (Federal Republic of Germany) with Royal Kingdom of Holland including Entire Europe ( not just EU Members)

2. Mae' Gaung Kingdoms with Triangle Regional Diamond Palace of Golden Triangle including Chiang Mai Palace of Thai Royal Kingdom

2. Indochina Kingdoms (Laos & Vietnam) with Royal Kingdom of Cambodia for the development of Indochina, and to secure Trade Flows of South China Sea in joint protection with Ancient Kingdoms, Kingdom of Malaysia, and Federal Republic of Parliament India; South/Central Asia. 

3. North American Kingdoms & 
Brazil (Federal Republic of Brazil) with South American Kingdoms. 
4. Entire Asia Continent (including EU); Oceania, Coasts; Entire Africa.


Selection of The Majesty Team are now being prepared by HM HSHS with Worldwide Majesty Enterprises™ doing business as DBA Office of Wine Tylor for World Economic. And The World Golden Kingdoms; UMJ World of Founding Mother  HM. DR. AYE Also Known As Majesty Russia™ as of Her Majesty HM. DR. AYE at Russia Federation. And for All The World United Sovereign Kingdoms internationally. Selected Kingdoms will be assigned into Majesty Treasury Team Council of HMTHB: Her Majesty's World Trust Holding Bank registered online on World Wide Web, Copyrighted, Trademarked & Patented at Her Majesty's HM Law Firms Worldwide.



Presentation of The Future 
World Unity can be viewed at

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