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Consulting Category :

[ Advising ] [ Analyzing ] [ Assembling ] [ Assessing ] [ Closing ] [ Concluding ] [ Confederation ] [ Conformation ] [ Counseling ] [ Consultation ] [Consulting]
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General in Facts:
Consulting Schedule For Business Districts

Marketing project, and serving of this firm goes by sequence and schedule in timely fashion which means we don't do jumping or messing timing with unorganized scheduling of complications.

Time Frames are already projected by Business District of each Location: city, village, town, borough, county and by the country. Please let us know via email if there is your country not included in the list of A to Z, of resource link.

Every business in each region will receive our proposal or offer two months ahead via contacts in vary: email, postal mail, fax, phone call or in person based on available and mutual acceptable communication only system at particular location. Response then can be made by replying postcard within seven days from the day you receive or prompt response with phone call  or via internet to confirm walk through in-house appointment. If you don't receive any communication but your nation is on current schedule, you or your representative  shall contact us immediately not to being left out from our coordination.

We do not accept any meeting or appointment only after we'll arrive any location as our minute will be scheduled fully already filled with local RSVP even before we'll get there. Therefore, we strongly recommend to reserve or arrange ahead for every meeting or working appointment as our phone lines are open 24 /7 and initial phone inquire can be made at anytime.

After initial phone conversation, if we decide there is no need to walk through at particular location, every individual or business can request for free-pass to attend group meeting hosted by a team coordinator with local council of particular business district.

We can go each location only one time for limited time frame. Thus, Make sure you schedule ahead to meet our team!

Any business or any individual would like to receive private, customized or special-confidential in consulting, request can be made three months ahead of the event of appointment for not to get rejected.

Regular Scheduled Events can be requested at


For Regional, National or Local public and Government Affair Analysis Matters in regard to any consulting category from the list can be provided by the two elements separately registered at every location:

(1) The Consulting Business

Simple-Great Diversity: Fees are based on issues briefly starting range from $111 / hour to $11111/ hour. [Entire-cost can be splited on ratio of time-honored as various forms of payment arrangement by monthly and yearly basic.]

Special Handling Projects: of longer than a year contiguous service needs to enquire thru our legal team as the timing and results of such lengthy issues are significantly and sensitively necessary. Basically : Fees are ranging from USD $11111 to $111111 / Hour upfront before particular duration from 5 to 10 years of each rotation.

Upgrade Options and Continuous Maintenance are expendable for  progress and missions that already in progress, will be ranging from USD $111111 to $1111111 per hour and formal annual contracts are also in prompt care, upon request.

Brief inquire can be made anytime via electronic instant message for faster response at GACcouncil@gmail.com.


Note: Be aware that the non-payment consultation option is only for world most poverty nations in the list. As there is any urgent consultation or even a recommendation or an analysis needed by already developed nations shall work with formal business deal by going into formal contracts at above (1) with us from these two options.If you believe your country is admitting as falling into the category of World Most Poverty Nation (even not included yet in the list) can still in (2) option below, via our volunteer services. 

Not yet knowing "you have to pay for what you get" will categorize itself for your country (or you if you are a leader) to still at (2) option as understood by standard human knowledge.

(2) Non-profit Public Volunteer Organization

If anyone or any group at any field, of any organization out there have not enough capital or paper-money to start or ground-up at anything, business or at any work, you are strongly encourage to take initial consultation free, at least for 15 minutes. It will help to work it out, to make the decision of not, or to go forward.

We all, work for earning, and living but money is not everything in our belief. At least if you know you have to pay for what you get, it will work.

Seek to Attain!

Global Advisory Council C/O Crown Holdings

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Giving advice for particular needs in formal work written on various issues which should have done in order of suitable accomplishment


Examine methodically and in detail the structure; system of investigating the interaction of opposite elements together, concerned with or acting through opposing forces: separating or bring into its constituent elements.

The production of contrasted such as developing the combination of components to from a connected whole. At the final stage, a new idea: the result of reasoning produced as the resolution to the conflict between thesis and antithesis


The action of assembling component parts always need the conversion of instructions in symbolic code as an addition, for the result of complete-accomplishment, of project, work imagination or/and ideas that could result the unification of people to be together within similar or same interest

Assessing :

Evaluate or estimate the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, and the landscape, including living things' vital functions or needs. Also to the basic of inherent features, qualities or character of a person or thing but only with the specified greater capability with tolerance, generosity and essential in divine grace


Observation or Examination done in a carefully guarded and through way by issuing the statement of successful finishing 


Formally settle or arrange a treaty or agreement as a judgement or opinion by complete-reasoning at righteous acts


Bring into an alliance to be joined by an agreement or treaty


Stating, Reviewing or issuing customized-compliance with rules, laws, retrievable similar edition which need keep having the same direction of stratification


Recommending a course of action, especially giving professional help and advice to someone to resolve personal, social or psychological related problems (only as psychologists, not as psychiatrists)


Search for and find  to obtain someone who is expert at something which to be done with capable of professional fields: which may mean be referring to counsellor specialized at a particular function, for a  consultee or a group of consultees


Giving expert-advice to who seeks information or approval or permission or agreement which is engaged in the businesses, of particular field


Of or relating to a person's or people's physical or mental state would be taken care to be well-being and in good health by formally written body of fundamental principles: an authoritative order: historical ordinance


The action or state of compelling or being compelled' constraint, an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, aware of and responding to one's surroundings.


Giving a detailed account in words>mark out or draw like a geometrical figure


Talk about so as to reach a decision>talk or write about a topic in detail>also examine by small arguments


Be so remarkable as to be impossible to discuss, openly resist or refuse to obey, providing something to prove needed by challenge beyond the discussion


Long and careful consideration, slow and careful movement or thought

Judicial Review

Having or done a procedure with good judgement as dignified action on behalf of public body: Form an opinion about> giving a verdict on Judgement> decide or review or oversee the results by character based on such Official Majestic Quality of being worthy of honor or respect; insist on being treated with due respect: Royal Dignity 


The process of operating. A concerted action involving a number of people of business organization, members of the armed forces or the police team


Statements issued to put forward with approval as being suitable fora purpose or role> Advice as a course of action made appealing or desirable, commendare: commit to the care of.

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