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Please read the following disclosure to surely understand the brand of our works:

Unlike any individual or any organization of consulting industry, the working style of this Firm is simple and practical in superlative.

The way we do the business keeps the Brand of Meaning in plain, simple and effectiveness: "Right to the Point"!

We don't make a kind of psychological counseling such as only speaking/listening or just conversation with clients without pursuing to greater progress. We have right to refuse our service to any person or organization before or after 15 minutes initial free-consultation..We only do work as the business of consultancy: a professional practice giving expert-advice in a particular field, only to loyal clients who understand the definition of consulting which means seeking information or advice from experts or professionals to know the answer of steps, tasks, facts, establishment, problem solutions, dissolution or conclusion and beyond: whether start-up or in the middle or to end of it; advising or assisting such as what to know, where to go and how to act, and which is to decide, to be able to achieve and accomplish.

Another word: this firm stands to work as advisory council and assist to clients who want to improve greater products or services, and more sales or earning more-profits. Some may need funding or capital. Some might have getting no where or getting somewhere but not enough reaching significantly which is suppose to get in timing, or not enough support of working environment lack of knowledge or facing unnecessary obstacles or in unknown troubles not have been noticed of problems while they are working or intending to work at day by day doing businesses: managing or producing or selling or marketing or servicing or campaigning or governing or of all kinds.

We plan, project, analyze, focus, figure out, find solution, refer and issue the official statements of direct-effective results on work orders of our clients. Please look up the consulting category at page two: service list of A to Z.

To follow the advice, suggestion, answer or solution is all up to the clients. This firm has nothing to do with what you will do with the Final Official Concepts or Statements. You only pay for our service in vary of meaning in consulting.

Once we have done our work well as Final Results/Solutions issued, we will have no obligation of what you will do or will not do. If you need additional maintenance or need more works as back-up, you may purchase at different work-order and payments will be needed as additional.

So that at results, of good or bad is your own sole-responsible.

Consulting Service has same kind of similar process as an expert service just like home appraisal business. Official statement of work order will be the only completion of our work base on what the clients need, the work will officially be stated in official literature; includes recommendations and referrals.

When you intend to buy the home, you get the mortgage funding or not, appraisal will have nothing to do with in result of any kind. No more responsibility after Final-literature issued is the same performing-limited-duty of consulting business. Therefore, we will accept no complaint of any kind whatsoever, and by signing your signature at underneath, you agree that you quit any kind of claiming or demanding any additional service without additional payment. And we are preliminarily discharged by you that you will accept the work-done only one time at our best.

So long as by understanding this definition of consulting, you will at least earn by receiving our service at exceptional.

Instruction to be bound:
(1) Print out this page and sign at the bottom with time/date
(2) If you choose to scan, attach the page and email to:


If you prefer to send via postal mail: signed-disclosure, either resume or biography, proposal or agreement shall be enclosed,

                                                    And Address to:   A Majesty & Global Advisory Council

                                                                                 C/O Webmaster, email:

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